NPC List

Vim: Sen’s dead uncle, Iggy’s dead father figure, currently in an unburied state.

Ignats: Very saddened by his death, but a tad uncomprehending of what that means.

Senkara: Sen did not know him too well, but he was family. Not saddened over his death, but still thinks he deserves respect.

Tantus: Sad that the mouse died, but never met him

Lord Rummel: Wonderfully friendly mouse of some class.

Ignats: Rather cowed in the presence of him, having had less than friendly experiences with him.

Senkara: Annoyed and suspicious. He ignored his duties in pursuit of something strange. Intent on figuring out what he is up to.

Tantus: Annoyed. Thinks he’s a blathering braggart.

Lord Tevallan of Pulchara: Tantus’ father, avid scribbler of letters.

Ignats: Where is Pulchara? Sounds like a nicer lord than Lord Rummel.

Senkara: Rather neutral, not having personally met him.

Tantus: Adores him, though rather wishes he was less distant.

Eklan: Brown-eared nearly white rat guide.

Ignats: Hey, another rat! He’s white, shouldn’t he be more respected than a regular rat?

Senkara: No opinion yet, having been off investigating while the others met him.

Tantus: Seems nervous. Not entirely certain he’s to be trusted.

Rannic & Till: Husband and wife owners of Underbrush’s only inn. Friendly. (too friendly?)

Ignats: They seemed nice. If they’re too friendly he wouldn’t notice.

Senkara: Wondering working people. They treated the group well, she may have to repay them with assistance at a later time, if they need it.

Tantus: Nice couple, very polite. Will need to stop by there again at some point.

various guards: curiously incompetent?

Ignats: Generally disliked. They work for Lord Rummel.

Senkara: They are just doing their jobs, and being dragged away by a lord. Sen feels sorry for them, but still would prefer to not let them see her.

Tantus: Easily swayed, though nice enough chaps.

travelers at Underbrush inn: indignantly helpful.

Ignats: Dismay that whossisname’s son got hurt. Ignats doesn’t like to see rodents in pain.

Senkara: They seemed tired, travel can be hard on a rodent.

Tantus: Useful, wondering if perhaps should return and get tips and shortcuts for own travels.

Underbrush Keep: As of yet, un-cased.

Ignats: It would be a nice enough place if it didn’t belong to Lord Rummel.

Senkara: I bet that throne room had something nice in it.

Tantus: Dirty and overbearing, much like it’s Lord.

NPC List

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